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Why Buy Teardop Banners from Lush Banners®?

Teardrop Banners or Teardrop Flags feature a unique teardrop shape making it easy to grab the attention of your potential customers and audiences, at any storefront, event or trade show. These teardrop signs are made of a full color, UV safe polyester material that is safe and easy to install. We use the top quality printing process of dye sublimation that assures your prints will last for years to come. Lush Banners has been the industry leader of teardrop banner flags for over a decade. You can expect the highest quality custom printed teardrop flags at very affordable price in 5 sizes. Get started with our Free Design services from our professional designers for your eye catching teardrop banner today!

  • Industry Leading Aviation Grade Fiberglass Poles with Lifetime Warranty.
  • Full Color, High Definition Printing with UV Resistant Inks.
  • Choose from 5 Sizes from 6 to 14ft. Single or Double-sided Teardrop Flags Available.
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use. 100% Customizable Graphics. We Make Best Teardrop Flags On The Market.
  • Free Premium Rotating Spike Base & Padded Carrying Bag.

6ft Teardrop Flags (B2S)
6ft Teardrop Banners

Smallest teardrop shaped banner stand,  best for indoor display, wall mounted display and outdoors advertising.

As low as CAD$187.00
7ft Teardrop Flags (B2A)
7ft Teardrop Banners

Our 7Ft Teardrop Banner boasts a sensational teardrop style with vivid prints for a high-class display to promote your products!

As low as CAD$222.00
8ft Teardrop Flags (B2B)
8ft Teardrop Banners

Medium-sized teardrop banner with exquisite shape and eye-catching quality graphics are perfect for your next show!

As low as CAD$283.00
11ft Teardrop Flags (B2C)
11ft Teardrop Banners

11ft Teardrop banner is best for outdoor events, sports game, storefront promotions. 

As low as CAD$274.00
14ft Teardrop Flags (B2D)
14ft Teardrop Banners

This teardrop banner features an innovative flying banner that accommodates any marketing event. Best choice for freeway with heavy traffic and create attentions. 

As low as CAD$343.00
Plastic Water Base, Premium
Plastic Water Base - Premium

Heavier plastic base filled with water for windy areas. Foldble legs. Indoor or outdoor use.  

Metal Square Base
Heavy Duty All Metal Square Base

This heavy duty metal iron base is perfect for indoor and outdoor use; can lay upon a flat surface. 

Outdoor Spike Base
Outdoor Spike Base

This ground spike base is perfect for outdoor use. Very easy to use, sticks right into the ground.

Spike Base - Basic

Nonrotating design, good for small size feather, bowhead and teardrop banners.

Spike Base-Heavy Duty Large
Spike Base - Heavy Duty Large

Extra Large and  heavy duty. strong construction, designed for large flag banners and tough outdoor environments

Cross Base - Economy
Indoor/Outdoor Cross Base - Basic

Cross-base with nonrotating design, good for small sized teardrop, feather, bowhead and rectangle banners.

Indoor/Outdoor Cross Base
Indoor/Outdoor Premium Cross Base w/ Ground Nails

Heavy duty cross-base with ground nails. Can use for  both indoor and outdoor.

Premium Cross Base with water bag
Premium Cross Base w/ Water Bag

High quality cross base with mirror chrome finish with complimentary water bags.

Wall Mount Base for Flags

Wall mount base for outdoor flags, comes with universal screws that work on various wall surfaces. 

Sand bag
Banner Stand Sand Bag

Need extra weight on your base? This sand bag fills up to 32 extra pounds!

Flag Replacement Poles - Full Set

Need new poles? Order replacement pole sets here!

As low as CAD$53.00
Flag Banner Replacement - Top Pole Only

Fiberglass replacement Top pole (the very top flexible pole) for Feather, Bowhead, or Teardrop flag banners.

Flag Banner Replacement Base Pole
Flag Replacement Pole - Base Pole Only

Fiberglass replacement base pole (the biggest bottom pole) for Feather, Bowhead, or Teardrop flag banners. Free tension cord.

Logo Rescue Service
Logo Rescue Service

Issues with your logo not being clear enough? Blurry image? No worries, let's rescue it!

Graphic Design Service

Need help with graphic design? Our artwork experts are here to assist.


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Bowhead Flags

Similar to the Feather Banners, but include 3 different bottom shape options: Concave, Angled and Straight. With lifetime warranty on the poles.


Pre-Designed Feather Flags

Affordable Pre-Designed, 10ft Feather Flag Kits. Popular themes including "Now Open", "Now Hiring", "Now Leasing", "Open House", "Welcome", "Salon" and "American" flags


Teardrop Flags And Teardrop Banners

Teardrop shaped flag banners ranging from 6 to 14 ft tall. Single or Double-sided. Indoors or outdoors. With lifetime warranty on the poles.

Rectangular Flag Banners

Block Rectangular shaped flag banners in 4 sizes - 8ft, 12ft, 15ft and 17ft. Single or Double-Sided


Feather Flags Bases, Poles And Replacement Parts

Interchangeable Replacement Parts, Poles and Bases for all your Flag banners: Feather, Bowhead, Teardrop and Rectangular


Custom Teardrop Banners


Download Templates

(B2S) Small (B2A) Medium (B2B) Medium-Large (B2C) Large (B2D) Extra-Large
22.5" W x 53" L 34" W x 70" L 42.5" W x 81" L 47" W x 105" L 51.5" W x 149" L
Single Sided
Double Sided
Single Sided
Double Sided
Single Sided
Double Sided
Single Sided
Double Sided
Single Sided
Double Sided

Start by browsing through any of our Custom Teardrop Flags options that range from 6 to 14 feet tall. From our experiences, the 11ft feather banners (Single & Double-sided) are the most popular size among retail business, real estate enterprises and churches. The 14ft banner is most favored by sporting events and business flag advertisements along the highway. While the 6ft to 8ft small and medium sizeds feather flags are easily displayed in both indoors and outdoors when used with the proper base. For other shapes of our flag banners such as feather banners and bowhead banners, please check Flag Banners.

So Many Different Options For Teardrop Banners

Teardrop Banners Single Sided, Left Facing Option with Pole on the Right


Single sided teardrop banners are light-weight and affordable for any enthusiastic business. Our single sided teardrop flags are printed on a single layer of fabric, while the back will be a mirrored image with about a 50-70% color bleed through. Texts, however, are not readable on the back. For left facing flags, the graphic will be printed on the left side of the pole. Please choose left or right facing based on the direction of the coming traffic or wind.

Teardrop Banners Single Sided, Right Facing Option with Pole on the Left


The most popular single-sided teardrop banner option, the graphic will be printed on the right side of the pole. Please keep in mind that the single sided flags are printed on one single layer of fabric, while the back will be a mirrored image with about a 50-70% color bleed through. Texts, however, are not readable on the back.

Teardrop Banners Double Sided Option with 3 Layers of Fabric


Double Sided Teardrop Flags are printed on 2 layers of fabric, and is then sewn on top of a silver grey block-out layer in between, concluding with 3 layers of fabric in total. With zero see through, you can either have the same or a different design on the second side. Additionally, no matter which direction the wind blows or the traffic comes from, the message will always be perfectly read.

Teardrop Banners Outdoor Advertising Options


Our Teardrop banner fabric displays are made weather resistant, versatile and durable, it is no surprise they are seen everywhere: along the highways, in storefronts, in outdoor events and on the sport fields. We have the widest selection of base options in the banner industry. Choose either a standard ground stake, a multi-functional premium plastic water base, a sleek heavy duty metal base, or a cross base. Browse through all of our base options so that you get exactly what you need for every occasion!

Teardrop Banners Indoor Display Options


Custom teardrop flags are great for indoor events, company conferences, directional signs, or as advertising. We recommend a proper cross base, plastic water base, or heavy metal square base for indoor use. Be sure to browse through all of our base options to decide which one will provide the greatest stability for your flags.

Teardrop Banners Trade Show Display Options


Amazingly, a vast number of exhibitors buy custom teardrop flags with their logos for trade shows. The 11ft and 14ft banners with cross bases or plastic water bases are the most popular combinations on the trade show floor. Need to give directions or attract more audiences? With a teardrop banner, will bring a much valuable foot traffic to your trade shows.

Teardrop Banners Canopy Display Options


Display your custom teardrop flag alongside your canopy tent! This will add another great promotion of your brand, product, or service for all who are visiting your booth, as it flows in the wind.


Teardrop Banner Base Options For Every Occasion



The most common base, it comes free with every flag banner set order. Our outdoor spike bases are 24” long metal spikes with ball bearing rotating connectors that are ideal for flags being used outdoors in solid soil or grass for the most area under mild weather conditions. To prevent potential premature damages on your flags or poles, please keep the rotating connector of the spike base above the ground to rotate freely with wind all the time.


Specially designed for extra large 13.5ft or 17ft feather banners, especially for high wind (over 40 MPH) area and soft soil outdoor conditions. This extra longer and thicker spike base keeps the flag banner standing straight, and at the same time prevents the feather banner set from sinking too deep down into the ground.


Basic spike bases are without the ball-bearing rotating connector, the flag will rotate much less than regular spike bases. Recommended for smaller 6-10ft flag banners under very mild weather conditions, where less rotation is desired.


Popular premium cross bases are high quality bases that have beautiful mirror chrome finish. They can be used on hard surfaces where hammering down a base into ground is not allowed. Although the premium cross base can be used both outdoor and indoor, we do not recommend using them outdoors for longer periods of time, as the polished mirror finish may get damaged. The water bags are complimentary, feel free to add more weight into your base as needed.



With weather resistant powder finish and simple industrial design, this heavy duty cross base is designed to display your flag banners outdoors for longer periods of time. 4 Free ground nails come free with every base that adds extra stability on uneven ground or for windy days. This base also suits for indoor display as the feet sit flat on the floor. We also offer sandbags to help you keep your stand and feather flag banners in place during extra windy or extreme weather days.



Simple basic designed cross base with limited rotation. Recommend for 6-10ft small flags indoor or outdoor under very mild weather conditions.



The most “high-end” looking base on the market. Sleek, modern and safe to use, zero tipping hazard risk. Our square bases are well made and heavy, with a flat square shaped all metal plate bottom that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Best for storefront, high foot traffic areas like airports, trade shows or shopping malls. Good for moderate to windy conditions. We have 2 sizes in stock: Large and Jumbo. Large size suits for flag banners up to 13.5ft indoor or under mild weather conditions. Jumbo is designed for XL flags and windy weather conditions. To add extra weight, you can buy extra sandbags from us or place your own weight on the plate.



Specially designed for safety and max flexibility. This base is very solidly built with a nice weight, you can use the base as-is indoors or under mild weather conditions. With extendable feet, free ground nails and a carrying bag, this base has many ways to utilize. You can fill in water or sand for extra weight, pin down the base on uneven ground outdoors, or nicely display in trade shows, nothing is out of reach! We also provide a complimentary carrying bag to hold everything neatly.



Large square Plastic Water Base is suitable for everyday use indoors or outdoors. Solidly built with an affordable price.



Car foot base is also called car tire base, which is designed to park one tire of the car on the extended foot. If you need to display your feather flag banners along the highway or in the parking lots, where you can park a car on top, our car foot bases are perfect for you. Very popular among Car dealerships and car insurance companies.



Wall mount bases are designed for mounting small flag banners on the wall, up to 8ft size. They come with universal screws that work on most wall surfaces and are great bases to help your flags gain more attention from passing customers and clients.



Heavy Duty All Metal Ground Drill Base is specially designed for soft soil ground outdoor, where the regular spike bases keep sinking down, comes with metal rotating rod to help flag banners stay in place.




Choose all sizes of replacement pole set for Feather, Teardrop and Bowhead Banners, optional bases available. 12 months warranty. Same day shipping, Free tension cord included.


Fiberglass replacement base pole (the biggest bottom pole) for Feather, Bowhead, or Teardrop flag banners. Included is Free tension cordame day shipping.


Optional sand bags for teardrop, feather and bowhead banner stands. Could be used with cross or flat bases. 12 months warranty. Same day shipping.


Attract potential customers at your next outdoor exhibition by promoting your product, service, or brand with a feather flag alongside your event canopy tent. With your beautiful visuals flying in the wind, customers will be able to see you from afar!


Padded replacement carrying bag for Feather, Bowhead and Teardrop Flag Banners. 2 sizes available. Separated base & flag slots. Same day shipping.


Easy to Assemble Teadrop Flag Banners

Feather flags are made to be easy to assemble. Start by assembling all your materials and make sure you give yourself enough room. Connect all the poles one by one, from the thickest to the thinnest. Insert the connect pole into the sleeve of the fabric banner, until the rod tip reaches the double-stitched sleeve end. After you’ve secured the fabric banner to the pole, use the tension rod, tie the loop and hooks tightly. The last step is to insert the fabric banner and pole into the base.


Flag Banner Videos

Assembling Your Flag Banners

Base Pole Overview

Reinforced Tip Overview

Tension Cord Overview

How to Design Feather Flag Banners

Taking Care of Your Custom Printed Teardrop Banners

Though we are confident you will be able to use your feather flags for the years to come, it is important to make sure you install your banners correctly and handle them with care. Though they are machine washable, do not iron or machine dry them.

How to avoid the common installation and maintenance mistakes

For more info regarding how to avoid the common installation and maintenance errors, click here

Do Not Bleach

Air Dry

Wash Cold

Hang Dry

Do Not Iron

Additional Product Info

Common Sizes
1.9-4.3ft wide, 6-14ft high
Print Material

4oz premium polyester flag fabric, 6oz silver blockout layer in between for double-sided

Overall Weight
15 - 45 lbs depending on the size and options
Print Method

Full-color dye-sublimation digital printing

Estimated Lifespan
5+ years on fiberglass poles, 1+ year outdoor / 3+ years indoor on printed flag with proper care and maintenance
Optional Accessories

Exchangeable specialty bases

Graphic Installation

Flag sleeve, tension cords or hook

Why Lush Banners?

Best Price Guarantee, Deep Quantity Discount

Free Lifetime Warranty on Selected Products

Trusted by Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Free Graphic Design, Free Proof

Free Shipping on Orders Over $199

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will teardrop banners last?

Our teardrop banner poles last anywhere between 3-10 years, while flags could last from 1-3 years, depending on how well you take care of them. We recommend refreshing your design and banner ever year or every year and a half.

2. Will my printed fabric banner fabric fade?

Due to UV exposure, fabric banner colors will eventually fade. Depends majorly on the UV exposure of your area and the colors on the flag, specifically darker colors like black, deep red, and dark blue backgrounds will fade faster than designs with lighter colors. White, light blue, and yellow, those don’t fade in the sun as quickly. For more detailed info, please check here.

3. Are teardrop banner, teardrop flags, tear flag and teardrop flag banner the same thing?

The terms are interchangeable. Though people call them different things according to preference, we like to refer to them as feather banners. They all mean the same thing and we will know what you mean if you use any of those terms.

Teardrop banners are a little different, though they are very similar. We have several different types of banner options for you, and that includes custom banners. While feather flag banners are much more free flowing, teardrop flags are tight and stretched out when secured to the pole. Feather banners usually have more design space to work with.

4. Why do the same-sized teardrop flag banners cost more than feather or bowhead banners?

Great question! Due to the special shape of the teardrop banners, they consume more of the poles and fabrics than the same-sized feather or bow flags.

5. Will my design cover the entire flag or just a portion of it?

We’ll print to the very edge to achieve a “wide-screen” effect, except one-day printing, which the pole pockets portion will be covered by black or white canvas for speed production.

6. Are your banners fireproof?

Though our banners are highly resistant to heat, most of our polyester products will melt and burn if it comes in contact with flames. We recommend keeping all of your feather banners away from sparks or flames.

7. Are the flag poles interchangeable between different banner sizes?

Each of our flag poles are designed to support one single sized banner. A large flag pole is thicker, will not accommodate a small or medium banner, and vice versa. Be sure you match up the size of your banner with the correct sized pole. Let us know if you have questions or need to order extra banner or replacement poles.

8. Can I have different images on the front and back of double-sided teardrop flags?

Yes! You can choose to design one side or both so that the sides are the same or both sides are different. Be sure to select the Double Sided Printing (3 Layers) options when you select product options.

9. What can we see on the back of single-sided banners?

If you choose to print a single-sided flag banner, please know that to save you time and money, the design is bled through rather than printed on the back side. This means that though you can see the design on the other side, it will be mirrored, texts are not readable. If you want to have the same message appear perfectly on both sides, you will need to select the double-sided option.

10. How to assemble a teardrop flag?

Step 1: Unpack all the parts
Step 2: Connect all the poles together, start form the thickest on the bottom
Step 3: Insert the connected pole into the sleeve of the teardrop shape fabric flag, until the top of the top pole reaches the very end.

11. How to design a teardrop flag?

Lush Banners offers 3 options for you! Simple Design online, FREE professional design and Design your own with the templates provided on the product page. Please use vector format or high definition images for better results.

12. How to fill up a teardrop flag water base?

Step 1: Unscrew the cap of the water base, set aside safely
Step 2. Using a water pitcher or pipe with a hose to fill in the water
Step 3: Stop right at or a bit lower than the “MAX” mark
Step 4; Crew back the cap tightly. Completed!

13. How to get outdoor teardrop flags or feather flags to stay in direction?

We understand the desire of staying in direction of your teardrop flag, especially a single sided teardrop banner, which is not readable on the reverse side. BUT we DO NOT recommend the rotating with wind mechanism being jeopardised in any way, as the rotating will prevent the pressures built up, so the fabric flag and the pole will last as designed.