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Why Buy Trade Show Displays from Lush Banners®?

Planning an event can be stressful and sometimes chaotic, especially when it comes to making sure all of your trade show display products are eye-catching and high quality. This is where we come in! Whether it’s a portable trade show pop up display, tabletop trade show display, or a trade show display wall. All of our products are affordable and will make any event something to be proud of that your customers will be impressed with. From a 10x10 trade show display, a 10x20 trade show display, to an even smaller 8x8 trade show display, all of our trade show display packages can be customized for your needs and industry. With fast turnaround times, excellent customer service, and high-quality custom products, your trade show booth can be the most impressive among the competition when you order from Lush Banners.

  • Affordable, Best Price Warranty with Free Professional Designs
  • The Widest Selection of Trade Show Displays On The Market
  • Portable, Modular, LED, Outdoor & Custom Container Booths Available
  • Low-Cost Domestic or International Fulfillment
  • Ltd Lifetime Warranty On Premium Displays To Protect Your Investments
Trade Show Pop Up Displays

Trade Show Pop Up Displays

Pop Up Displays are very popular for Trade Shows. Easy to setup and retract back in minutes. Wide variety: 5ft , 8ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft or Custom Sized available, Straight to Curve, regular to Magnetic!

Trade Show Tension Fabric Displays

Trade Show Tension Fabric Displays

Modern, beautiful trade show tension fabric displays, easy setup w/ compact packaging. Premium quality tension fabric. 6ft to 20ft. Curve, Straight, Arch and S-shape available, Single or Double-sided.

Custom Ceiling Banners

Trade Show Hanging Banners

Effortlessly attract audience miles away. Tons of shapes and sizes available includes popular Circle, Tapered Circle, Triangle, Square and Rectangle. Single or double-sided available.

Trade Show Banner Stands

Trade Show Banner Stands

Large Selection of Trade Show Retractable Banners | Pop Up Banners with Top Quality Frames & Super Flat Graphic. 2-8ft Single or double-sided, Vinyl and Fabric available.

Trade Show Table Covers

Trade Show Table Covers

Full-color Trde Show Table Covers. 4ft, 6ft, 8ft and convertible table throw. Fitted, Standard or Stretch. Custom sizes available! Print on Premium wrinkle, water resistant fabric.

Custom Trade Show Counters

Custom Trade Show Counters

Best selections of Custom Trade Show Counters | Trade Show Podiums. Oval, curve, straight pop up counters and case to counter. Portable yet Durable.

Trade Show Display Kits

Get 10% or more discount when you buy 2 or more trade show display items together. Retractable with table cloth? Booth with counter? We got you covered.

Bright LED Backlit Displays

Innovative bright LED Backlit Displays for trade shows and indoor display. Modular Display Design, easy to redesign and expand

Brite-Lite Modular Lightbox Displays

Lightbox and backlit displays for trade shows and events. Create a custom display set up with modular construction. Bright illuminated LED back lights highlight stunning edge to edge SEG graphic displays. Module sizes available in 3x8ft, 5x8ft, 8x8ft, 10x8ft.

Formulate Fabric Trade Show Booths

Formulate Fabric Trade Show booth displays are made of portable and lightweight aluminum tube and slip on pillowcase graphics that make installation a breeze.

Tabletop Trade Show Display

Eye-catching 5-8ft trade show tabletop pop up or tension fabric display stands. Goes very well with trade show table covers.

Trade Show Accessories

Trade Show Display Accessories

Looking for Trade Show Accessories? LED lights, hard rolling cases, literature stands? Click to find out the savings. 

Trade Show Exhibits

Trade Show Displays Size Chart

Size Chart & Templates

Please visit our Download Center for Trade Show Display Assembly and Template files.

Popular Sizes

The most popular trade show lot sizes are 10x10 trade show displays, and 10x20 trade show displays.For the displays themselves, 8ft, 10ft, 15ft, and 20ft displays are the most popular. Do not worry, Lush Banners can customize any size for you, even a 20ft x 30ft, 2-story trade show exhibits display.

So Many Options For Trade Show Displays


Modular Trade Show Booths for Trade Shows Options

Modular Trade Show Booths

Modular Trade Show Exhibits offer flexible arrangements for use with any trade show space. With a variety of sizes and features, these versatile displays come with plenty of options when it comes to customization and expansion.

Tension Fabric Displays for Trade Shows Options

Portable Trade Show Booths

Are you looking for an easy to use, portable display or booth for a trade show, convention or expo? Lush Banners makes it easy to take your marketing strategies on the go with our simple, portable displays & booths.

Pop Up Displays for Trade Shows Options

Trade Show Pop Up Displays

Our pop up displays are very popular because they make your table and booth stand out. Since every pop up display is easy to set up and take down, they become a staple product every company event. With a wide variety of sizes, including custom sizes available, we know you’ll love the quality of our trade show displays pop up. Choose from our straight, curved, regular, or even magnetic shaped pop up displays!

Tension Fabric Displays for Trade Shows Options

Trade Show Tension Fabric Displays

Tension fabric displays are modern and beautiful. You can improve your professionalism in any trade show you attend. With an easy setup and compact packaging, tension fabric displays are an affordable and classy way to draw attention. Our premium quality tension fabric displays range in sizes, from 6 to 20 feet, with a variety of options to choose from to make them custom. Curved, straight, arched, and even s-shaped sizes available.

Hanging Banners for Trade Shows Options

Trade Show Hanging Banners

Trade show hanging banners are a great way to effortlessly attract an audience from far away. We offer so many shapes and sizes including popular options like circle, tapered circle, square, rectangle, and triangle. Add some extra flare to your trade show booths by displaying it with a hanging banner that sits above your table like an elegant chandelier.

Banner Stands for Trade Shows Options

Trade Show Banner Stands

Don’t miss out on a reusable promotional product that has been shown to work well at trade show booths like our trade show banner stands. Our retractable banners and pop up signs are top quality that include frames that hold your banners up as long as you need. With single or double-sided printed designs, these banner stands are sure to stand out to get your booth noticed.

Custom Table Covers for Trade Shows Options

Trade Show Table Covers

If you aren’t using a full-color trade show table cover, you’re not doing the event right! With our 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and convertible table throws, bring your event to the next level. We offer fitted, standard, and stretch options, with a wide variety of table accessories that you’ll love. Show your audience just how much you care, with our premium wrinkle and water-resistant fabric. So order your trade show display portable table covers today!

Custom Counters for Trade Shows Options

Custom Trade Show Counters

Not sure if you need a table for your trade show or expo? Maybe you need a trade show counter or a trade show podium! If you have large products on display and just need an elegant counter, browse through our options! Our custom trade show counters come in a range of shapes and sizes from oval, curve, straight pop up counters, even a case to counter option, all of our podiums are portable and durable.

Custom Kits for Trade Shows Options

Trade Show Display Kits

Not sure where to start? We suggest investing in a trade show display kit! Get 10% or more discount when you buy 2 or more display items together. Start with a retractable banner and a table cover, or a large pop up display and custom counter.

Tabletop Displays for Trade Shows Options

Tabletop Trade Show Display

Make your table stand tall and proud with these eye-catching trade show tabletop displays. Whether you choose pop up or tension fabric displays, all of our tabletop products pair perfectly with any trade show event table.

Accessories for Trade Show Products

Banner Stands Spot Lights Accessory

Banner Stands Spot Lights

Highest quality LED spotlight for retractable banner stands.

Hard Silver Grey Case with Wheels Accessory

Hard Silver Grey Case w/ Wheels

Pop Up Display Hard Rolling Case for 5-10ft Pop Up Displays.

Pop Up Display Hard Rolling Case

Pop Up Display Hard Rolling Case

Pop Up Display Hard Rolling Case for your 5-10ft Pop Up Displays.

LED Lights for Pop Up Displays Accessory

Pop Up Display LED Lights

Highest quality LED spotlight for your Pop Up Displays. Quantity discount.

LED Lights for Tension Fabric Displays Accessory

Tension Fabric Display LED Lights

Highest quality LED lights for your Tension Fabric Displays. Quantity Discounts.


Assembly Instructions

Please refer to the specific assembly instructions of your trade show displays or download them from here:

Download Assembly Instructions

Trade Show Display Videos


Assembling Tension Fabric Displays

How to Assemble a Hanging Banner

How To Set Up Your Trade Show Counter


How to Submit a Design Request


Taking Care of Your Trade Show Displays

Spot clean with a damp cleaning cloth or refer to the specific care instructions of your trade show displays.


Care Instructions - Do Not Bleach


Do Not Bleach

Care Instructions - Air Dry


Air Dry

Care Instructions - Wash Cold


Wash Cold

Care Instructions - Hang Dry


Hang Dry

Care Instructions - Do Not Iron


Do Not Iron


Additional Product Info



Common Sizes

8-40ft wide, 8-10ft high

Overall Weight

25 - 1,200 lbs depending on the size and options

Estimated Lifespan

3+ years with proper care and maintenance

Graphic Installation

Hook and loop strips, Pillowcase graphic with zipper or Silicone edge graphic (SEG)

Print Material

9oz premium polyester fabric

Print Method

Full color dye sublimation digital printing

Optional Accessories

LED lights, carrying case or case to podium case




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Free Lifetime Warranty on Selected Products

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to display products at a trade show?

We have so many different options when it comes to trade show products for marketing, promotional events, and booth displays. If you need more information on any of the products we offer, simply click on the product image to get more specific details. Browse through your options and add however many you need to your cart.

2. What is the typical turnaround time for trade show displays and products?

Though our typical turnaround time is 4 business days, we can put a rush on your order or even print an overnight label if you’re in a bind! Get your products in hand as soon as possible so that your event is fully stocked to represent your business.

3. Are your trade show products for indoor use only?

Though most trade show events are held indoors, you might need an outdoor booth displays and signs to help you set your mark for your expo or event. When you do need to host an event outdoors, most of our products can hold up in most moderate weather conditions. Some of our products can be damaged with extended exterior use or severe weather conditions. Make sure you check out the details of each product to make sure the products you need will hold up wherever you use them.

4. How to build a trade show display?

All of our trade show Displays are user-friendly and don't require professional assistance or installation. Each product takes just a few simple steps to set up, and your trade show booth display can be up in just a few minutes. We work hard to make sure our products and our ordering processes are simple and straightforward, but don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need help.

5. How do I care for my trade show products to make sure they last?

Since we offer such a wide variety of trade show products, they all require different care specifications and maintenance. However, proper care consists of using them in their proper setting and making sure you store them in a safe and dry place. Handle them carefully when moving products to avoid snagging or tearing. Our products are high quality and should hold up for the years to come. Please see the individual product pages for specific care instructions.

6. How to design a trade show display?

All of our trade show display products and signages are customizable. Start by browsing through our variety of custom products and then design them however you want for your perfect trade show display. In addition to customizing the design aspects on each specific product, there are certain product options and accessories to help you get exactly what you want. Match your brand to help your trade show booth stand out.

7. Can I order several different types of trade show products with one design in a single order? For example, can I get a table throw or a tension banner display with the same design?

Though we understand that you want a consistent look, each trade show display product has several different size and shape options. So overall, your design can stay the same but make sure that you look up the size dimensions and make the small changes to make sure your design fits the product you’re ordering. We’d love to help you make sure your design fit perfectly no matter what you decide to order, so contact us today if you need help.

8. Do I have to use trade show products for trade shows only or can I repurpose them for other advertising purposes?

We have seen our customers use some of our trade show products in a number of different ways including farmer's markets, receptions, weddings, family reunions, and other events. Feel free to browse through our trade show display products or any of our categories to find the right product for all of your needs.

9. Do you offer any other custom trade show products beyond what is on this page?

Not seeing a product you're looking for? We are always seeking to give our customers what they want, so let us know what's missing. We offer hundreds of products that are customizable, so make sure you browse through all of our custom Displays, even if they aren't listed as being trade show specific.

9. Do you offer any other custom trade show products beyond what is on this page?

Not seeing a product you're looking for? We are always seeking to give our customers what they want, so let us know what's missing. We offer hundreds of products that are customizable, so make sure you browse through all of our custom Displays, even if they aren't listed as being trade show specific.

10. Can you ship my Displays directly to my hotel or office? How does that work?

Absolutely! We can ship your trade show Displays and display materials wherever you need them! Fill out the shipping information during checkout with and we can make sure that all of your materials are where you need them when you need them.

11. What is the fastest I can get my Displays? I need to order last minute!

Don’t worry! Just reach out to us today and we’ll see how fast we can get your Displays to you. We offer fast turnaround times in general, but we can ship your Displays overnight if necessary! When placing your order, make sure you select which options you need and type in the date you need your order in hand. If you’re not sure when your shipment will arrive, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we will walk you through the process.

12. Can my trade show displays be used more than once?

Yes, with proper care and maintenance, you should be able to use your trade show display products more than once. Make sure you check out specific product pages for specific care instructions.

The biggest thing to remember when trying to make your trade show display products last is that you want to make sure you keep them out of extreme weather. Make sure you carefully store your products in a safe and dry environment. Be aware of heavy foot traffic and make sure you’re assembling the products properly. As long as you’re careful, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to use your Displays and displays at least several times!

13. Will I need more than one person to set up my Display?

Depending on the size and how many products you have as a part of your trade show setup you may need the help of additional people. Smaller displays such as foam board Displays, retractable banners, x-stand banners, tension fabric stands, table throws, table runners, and the like can easily be set up by one person. Others, including bigger displays, like Tension Fabric Displays, Pop-Up Displays, and Step & Repeat Banners, can be done with one person but are definitely easier with 2 or more people involved in the setup and takedown.

14. Will my fabric Displays wrinkle or get damaged during shipping?

Fabric Displays might get wrinkled during shipping, but they will not be damaged. Wrinkles can quickly and easily be removed with a fabric steamer. If your Displays are seriously damaged when they arrive, please let us know! We will make sure you get new Displays quickly and easily. We pride ourselves on our excellent products and even better customer service, which means you should get high quality products every time you order.

15. What sizes are typical trade show booths?

Typically, standard trade show booth sizes range from 8x8ft all the way up to 20x20ft, depending on the show type. However, we understand that certain shows and convention centers can be smaller or larger, which is why we have options to fit every location. Start with a standard 10x10ft backdrop, and order more Displays and banners to fit your location. At Lush Banners, we are sure you’ll be able to find the exact size you need, no matter what your booth type is.

16. Are your Displays the right size for a typical or standard trade show booth?

Yes! Most of our trade show products are designed to fit in a typical trade show booth setup. Because we offer a variety of size and shape options, we are sure we have the ideal solution for your booth. Make sure you don’t overcrowd your booth with too many Displays or banners. You want your booth to stand out without being overwhelming. Make sure you double check the dimensions of space you’ll have before you order and reach out to us today if you help planning out your booth!

17. What is your recommendation for my entire trade show booth?

There are so many different possibilities when setting up a trade show booth, as it comes down to knowing what you need for your business and industry. A standard booth is 10x10ft, and is large enough to store all your products. You’ll want to include a large variety of trade show products including tension fabric display backdrops, a table cover with your logo and company info on it, a retractable banner, and maybe even a hanging banner sign.

You’ll also want to include smaller marketing materials that compliment your brand, including business cards, postcards, flyers, and maybe even custom swag items to pass out to prospective customers. A combination of matching products will help your booth look professional to show your customers just how much you care.

18. Will my displays blow away in a windy area?

Though we definitely do not recommend setting up your trade show display in a windy area, there are ways to prevent your trade show display products from blowing away. Use ground stakes or cross bases with a water bag to help weigh down your Displays when in use.

Reach out to us and get our recommendation if you're consistently hosting outdoor events!

19. Why should I use Lush Banners to print my Displays rather than the trade show's preferred vendor?

With Lush Banners, we pride ourselves on giving you a stress-free experience. We have a long history of satisfied and loyal customers, and our prices are hard to beat! You won't find an easier online experience or better customer service.

We have so many product options and high-quality materials, we are confident that you'll find exactly what you need every time you order. With fast turnaround times, only the best materials, and vibrant products that will impress your audience, what are you waiting for? Order today and make sure you have a trade show display that does all the work for you!

20. The trade show I am attending has certain height restrictions. Will your advertising flags and backdrops work for my event?

We offer a wide variety of advertising and business flags that come in multiple sizes and shapes to hopefully meet any trade show's event restrictions. For standard booths, most of our products will work beautifully. We recommend checking your height requirements for your booth before ordering custom trade show booth products. Though each location varies, usually the restrictions fall between 8-12 ft.

21. How to build a trade show display

We offer many customizable models of modular trade show displays. You are able to mix and match between products to create an exhibit that is fully custom to your company's needs and preferences.

Ask your official trade show contact and then check our dimensions before ordering to make sure that all promotional products work for your event!