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Why Buy Trade Show Banner Stands from Lush Banners®?

Banner stands are standing displays that are manufactured to exhibit your company's work and advertising with class and elegance. With the many different kinds of stand designs on the market, our company's stands are built with high quality materials that will highlight your displaying materials. Some of our options range from the retractable banner stand, the classic (statistic) banner stand, and our outdoor banner stands. Whether you are attending a trade show, holding a meeting, or organizing an outdoor event, these roll up banner stands make the perfect statement. These high selling products are one of our best sellers among our aspiring business clients. In general, these stands are portable, affordable, and are light in weight for easy carrying, all with a complimentary carrying case.

  • Non-Curl Graphic Guarantee, Both Vinyl & Fabric Banners
  • Affordable with High-Quality Aluminum Frame and Full Color Graphics
  • Indoor or Outdoor, Single or Double-sided, Retractable or Classic
  • 2ft to 10ft Wide, or Adjustable Available
  • We Specialize in Fabric, Interchangeable & Large Banner Stands

8FT Retractable Backdrop (Premium Magnetic)

Popular 8ft Retractable Backdrop for trade show and easy set up environment. Magnetic frame connecter design to expand to 10ft or 20ft by adding 2ft magnetic retractable backdrop side by side. Lifetime Warranty. Free carrying case.


As low as CAD$1,203.00
Adjustable Backdrop Stand (Standard)

Quality backdrop with adjustable height and width, standard fabric display banner stand, with free carrying bag.

As low as CAD$503.00
Fabric Banner Stands (Double-Sided)

Fabric Banner Standsare the latest trend in stand-alone advertising. Eye-catching double-sided graphic w/quick Installation. 90" Tall, 24", 36", 48" and 60' wide available. 

As low as CAD$273.00
Retractable (Graphic Interchangeable Flex Double)
Retractable (Graphic Interchangeable Flex Double)

Double-sided retractable banner stand. Graphic Interchangeable. Best quality on the market!

As low as CAD$431.00
Retractable (Graphic Interchangeable Flex Premium)
Retractable (Graphic Interchangeable Flex Premium)

Simply the highest quality retractable banner stand on the market. Large display with free artwork on base.

As low as CAD$363.00
Retractable Flex
Retractable (Graphic Interchangeable Flex)

Best Seller! Easy graphic changeout. Height adjustable from 30-94.5 inches. Premium quality frame with lifetime warranty.

Templates & Instructions
As low as CAD$287.00
Retractable Banner Stand Premium with light
Retractable Banner Stand (Premium)

A heavier and steadier frame with popular silver jet steam line design on the base.

As low as CAD$103.00
Retractable Banner Stands (Trade Show)
Retractable Banner Stands (Standard)

A very popular banner stand for trade shows or long term store displays. Easy to set up and transport. Includes 12 month warranty.

As low as CAD$157.00
Silverstep Retractable Backdrop (Premium 60 Inches)

The widest Silverstep Retractable Wide Banner (Premium 60 Inches) hightlight itself by the extra 60' wide graphic. 3 popular height 69", 80" and 92". Double supporting pole. Free silver grey carrying case.

As low as CAD$431.00
Silverstep Retractable Wide (Premium 48 Inches)

The Silverstep Retractable Wide Banner (Premium 48 Inches) gain the edges by a wide diaplay banner with a sleek silverstep base. 48" wide with 3 popular height 69", 80" and 92". Free silver grey carrying case

As low as CAD$315.00

Related Categories


Click to see our standing displays selection, designed to display your custom printed banners or graphic with a frame. Choose from Retractable, Classic, Outdoor, Fabric Banner Stands, & more for displaying perfectly both indoor and outdoor.


Pop Up Displays is one of our most popular products. With an easy pop up setup, a retractable feature, a wide variety of sizes (5ft to 20ft), and lots of style options (Curve, straight, w/ End Caps). Free design & Carrying Base. What's not to love?


Our high quality custom step and repeat backdrops are a great reusable tool for all of your major events. 5ft to 16ft wide, 8-12 ft high adjustable by telescopic poles. Premium, Standard, Economy Models, Vinyl Or Fabric available.





Custom Trade Show Banner Stands

Banner Stands Size Chart

Size Chart

We have a wide range from 2ft to 10ft wide, or adjustable sizes available.  Please refer to specific banner stand pages for size info.




So Many Options For Trade Show Banner Stands

Rectractable Banner Stands


Retractable banner stands, also called roll up or pull up banner stands, have a spring roller mechanism that retracts the banner into the base of the stand when it's not in use to protect the printed banner. These are the most popular type of banner stands for trade shows and exhibits as they are the easiest to set up and take down. Lush Banners intensively tested out our vinyl and fabric printing media to make sure they look vibrant and stay flat. We also provide double-sided, tension adjustable and graphic interchangeable versions to suit your every need.

Retractable Backdrop


Retractable Backdrops are extra wide retractable banner stands made for your trade shows or events, commonly used for an impactful wide display or photo backdrop. The 8ft retractable backdrop is the most popular size among 4ft - 20ft available sizes.

Classic Banner Stands


Classic Banner Stands are banner stands without the retractable mechanism. Also called static banner stand or retail banner stand. With many options for colors, height, and single or double-sided printing to choose from, this style is popular in the trade show industry as you set it up and don’t need to worry about any moving parts.

Fiber Banner Stands


Also known as a fabric banner display stand, or tension fabric stands, fiber banner stands are relatively new and become more and more popular. With lightweight aluminum tube frames inside, a weight plate base plate and pillow case tension fabric graphic. Fabric Banner Stands can effortlessly display large graphic double-sided, standing up perfectly straight.

Custom Flags Banners Option


Looking for large banner stands with adjustable height and width? Our step and repeat backdrops are a great reusable tool to use for all of your major events and trade shows. Choose from economy adjustable to premium fabric step and repeat backdrop with a lifetime warranty and a variety of custom sizes

Custom Flags with Ropes and D-Rings Option


In addition to the common Reinforced Strips, we can also sew ropes on the top or bottom of your custom flags, or secure D-rings along the reinforced strip with a small added cost.


Accessories for Custom Flags

Banner Stands Spol Lights


Highest quality bright spot light for retractable banner stands.

Hard Silver Grey Case Accessory for Banner Stands


All banner stands we sell com with free carrying bag / case, if you need extra protection for your banner, hard silver grey case will high quality zipper will help.


Easy to Assemble

Please refer to the specific assembly instructions of your banner stands.


Taking Care of Your Retractable Banner Stands

Spot clean with a damp cloth, and do not machine wash. After washing, line dry your flags and do not machine dry.


Care Instructions - Do Not Bleach


Do Not Bleach

Care Instructions - Air Dry


Air Dry

Care Instructions - Wash Cold


Wash Cold

Care Instructions - Hang Dry


Hang Dry

Care Instructions - Do Not Iron


Do Not Iron


Additional Product Info


Common Sizes
2- 10ft wide, 2-10ft high. Adjustable models available
Graphic Installation
Pull up with supporting pole. Instant pop up, Grommets with Bungee Cords or ropes
Overall Weight
6 - 45 lbs depending on the models
Print Method
Full color dye sublimation digital printing
Estimated Lifespan
3+ years with proper care and maintenance
Optional Accessories
Spot lights, extension kit
Print Material
Super flat vinyl, or outdoor polyester fabric




Why Lush Banners?


Why Choose Lush Banners - Best Price
Best Price Guarantee, Deep Quantity Discount

Lifetime Warranty From Lush Banners
Free Lifetime Warranty on Selected Products

Lush Banners Is Trusted By Thousands Of Customers
Trusted by Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Free Design Service From Lush Banners
Free Graphic Design, Free Proof

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Trade Show Banner Stands Portable?

Yes. Banner Stands are designed to be portable, So they are easy for one person to move and reposition, as well as setup and takedown. We also provide a complimentary carrying bag or case to make the moving easier for your hard working company!

2. What other products are normally ordered along with a trade show banner stand?

Most customers order custom table covers to match their banner stands for trade shows. For outdoor events, feather banners are the most popular options to showcase your materials.

3. Are ‘retractable banners’, ‘pop up banners’ and ‘pop up displays’ the same thing?

The terms “retractable banners” and “pop up banners” are generally used interchangeably. However, “pop up displays” is a totally different large format display used strictly indoors.

4. Can I change banners on the same stand by myself?

Depends on the designs of the banner stands, some of them can be easily changed. Please read the assembly sheet of the specific model for details.

5. How much is roll up banner stand?

Roll up, or retractable, banners can range in a variety of prices. Price will be affected bt the size of the banner. Smaller 3ft retractable banners, from Lush Banners, start around $98.00 for a simple economy style and can run as much as $499 for larger 8ft retractable backdrops.

6. How to assemble banner stand?

Lush Banners variety of banner stand are easy to assemble. Pop Up banners use a expanding method while fabric banner stands use a tube frame structure with button locks. Other products like retractable banners are simply pulled up and locked to its telescoping pole.