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Why Buy Large and Giant Flags from Lush Banners®?

Lush Banners is proud to be one of the nation’s leaders in Large Custom Flags and Giant Flags. Customized large flags are a simple yet effective way to advertise for any industry or show your loyalty. No limitation on the sizes, even 100ft by 100ft! We deliver high quality, custom flag printing to help your business, team or institution stand out. Our selection of products ranges from; from small outdoor flags to extra large custom pole flags. With years in the trade show industry, we will put our expertise to use for you - no matter the scope of your custom large flag printing project, like you need it for a stadium, for covering a field or building, even for helicopter banner flags chances are we can get it produced for you, so look no further for your destination to buy giant flags or extra large sized flags. Both single or double-sided large custom flags are available.

  • We Specialized On Oversized Large Custom Flags, No Size Limitation! Even 100ft x 100ft!
  • Durable 4oz Outdoor Polyester Flag Fabric
  • Full Color, High Definition Digital Printing with UV Resistant Inks
  • Single or Double-sided Available
  • Many Finishing Options: FREE Grommets, Reinforced Strip, Sleeve Pockets, Ropes & D-Rings etc
  • Free 12 Months Warranty On All Custom Flags We Made

Custom Pole Flags (Double-Sided)
Custom Pole Flags (Any Size) (Double-Sided)

Transform your logo or artwork into a dynamic flying reality. High quality eco-safe inks.Flying on a pole or simply hanging. We proudly provide the widest Free finishing option selection in this industry. 

Templates & Instructions
As low as CAD$133.00
Custom Pole Flags
Custom Pole Flags (Any Size) (Single-Sided)

Transform your logo or artwork into a dynamic flying reality. High quality eco-safe inks.Flying on a pole or simply hanging. We proudly provide the widest Free finishing option selection in this industry. 

Templates & Instructions
As low as CAD$64.00


Our flags come in standard sizes ranging from 8 ft x 12 ft, 10ft x 15ft,12 ft x 18 ft and 15 ft x 25 ft, but you can order huge flags in any custom size your heart desires, no limitation of how large the flags you might need. So whether you need a small flag with your company’s logo on it for your office, or a massive flag for the exterior wall of your building, or helicopter flags, we’ve got you covered. Custom flags wider than 10ft will be sewn together, increasing strength and durability. We use large format printers that can print high quality, full color designs on any size pole flag you might possibly need. Large Customized flags are printed using dye sublimation technique and are both washable and scratch resistant. Make a huge impact and increase visibility from all directions with our large double-sided flags. Need a custom flag shape? No problem! We specialize in customization and that applies to our large custom flags.

Recommended Flag Size by Flagpole Height

Custom Flag Size Table

Pole Height 20' 25' 30' 35' 40' 45' 50' 60' 70' 80'
Flag Size 3'x5' 4'x6' 5'x8' 5'x8' 6'x10' 6'x10' 8'x12' 10'x15' 12'x18' 15'x25'

For the Optional Pole Pockets, Please Refer to the Common Pocket Sizing Chart as Seen Below:

Pole Pocket Size Fits Pole Diameter
2" up to 1 1/4"
3" 11/4" to 1 13/16"
4" 113/16" to 2 7/16"


We offer a large selection of custom flag sizes and materials such as mesh and nylon, but our oversized flags are printed on 4 oz polyester material. We have found that 4 oz. Polyester is the perfect material for large customized flags because of the superior quality which is perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. 4 oz. Polyester material is highly durable and can handle strong winds, which is important for especially giant flags. Also, 4 oz. polyester looks great when blowing in the breeze. 4 oz. polyester material is highly versatile and offers a combination of strength and brilliant color display. 4 oz. polyester flags have an estimated lifespan of 3+ years indoor and 1+ year outdoor with proper care and maintenance. This flag material is ideal for both sunny and rainy areas due to its quick-drying ability and UV and waterproof inks used to print. Give us a call and we would be more than happy to discuss which options are best for your project.

So Many Different Options For Custom Flags


Single Sided Custom Flags Option

Single Sided Custom Flags

The most common type of custom flag on the market, the single sided custom flag. Being flowy and light-weight, our custom flags are printed on one side of a single layer of fabric. The single-sided custom flag has a 40-70% see through rate depending on the colors used. When looking from the back, a mirror image will be shown, however the texts will not be readable from the back side.

Double Sided Custom Flags Option

Double Sided Custom Flags

With our double sided flags there are two layers of flag fabric with a block-out layer in between, proving the most opaque designs possible. The double-sided custom flags are made of 3 layers of fabric in total to achieve a no-see-through effect to display the images on both sides perfectly. The images can be the same or a different image on the two sides as you prefer.

Custom Large Flags Options

Customized Large Flags

Looking for giant custom flags to fly with helicopters? Need an oversized large flag to wrap around your building? We got you covered! Please find out the quote instantly online or ask one of our customer service represenatatives for a custom quote.

Custom Flags with Free Grommets on Reinforced Strip Option

Custom Flags with Free Grommets on Reinforced Strip

This is the most popular option for custom flags, as the flags can be secured to the flagpoles by tie fasteners or ropes across the grommets. We can also add reinforced strips on either side of your flags, or on the top.

Custom Flags with Sleeve Pockets Option

Custom Flags with Optional Sleeve Pockets

Lush Banners offers a free custom sleeve pockets for your custom pole flags. The top opening can be enclosed upon request.

Custom Flags with Ropes and D-Rings Option

Custom Flags with Optional Ropes and D-Rings

In addition to the common Reinforced Strips, we can also sew ropes on the top or bottom of your custom flags, or secure D-rings along the reinforced strip with a small added cost.

Accessories for Large Custom Flags

20ft Flag Pole Set

20ft Custom Flag Pole Set

This 20ft Custom Flag Pole Set features a user-friendly, traditional flagpole with finial, cleat and pulley system. The lightweight aluminum pole segments have a maximum height of 20ft.

Flag Poles and Bracket Accessory

Flag Poles and Bracket For Small Flags

Recommended for the 2x3ft or 3x5ft custom flags. You can buy the pole or the brackets separately or as a set.


Custom Flag Videos


Custom Flag & Flagpole Installation

How to Remove Wrinkles


Taking Care of Your Custom Flags

Spot clean with damp cleaning cloth and mild soap. Do not machine wash or line dry. Separate all the custom graphic fabrics from the frame/hardware. Store in a cool dry place.


Care Instructions - Do Not Bleach


Do Not Bleach

Care Instructions - Air Dry


Air Dry

Care Instructions - Wash Cold


Wash Cold

Care Instructions - Hang Dry


Hang Dry

Care Instructions - Do Not Iron


Do Not Iron


Additional Product Info



Common Sizes

4 - 25ft wide, 3 - 25ft high

Overall Weight

1 - 50lbs depending on the size and options

Estimated Lifespan

1+ year outdoor / 3+ years indoor on printed flag with proper care and maintenance

Graphic Installation

Flag sleeve pockets, D-rings with rope, or grommets with reinforced strip

Print Material

4oz premium polyester flag fabric, 6oz silver blockout layer in between for double-sided

Print Method

Full color dye sublimation digital printing

Optional Accessories

Flag Poles and Bracket For Small Flags




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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to Design Big Flags in Photoshop?

Designing flags in Photoshop has never been easier. Photoshop is a raster program so designs are often done in a smaller scale and enlarged for printing. It is important to keep in mind DPI when designing in Photoshop. A great rule of thumb is your artwork should be a minimum 150 DPI at full scale. Some manufacturers may have templates already set up for you to use to create your flag design.

2. How to Design Big Flags in Illustrator?

Creating oversized flag designs in Illustrator can really be done in just a few clicks. Illustrator is a true vector program so anything designed within this program can scale to any size big or small and not lose any quality when printed. Illustrator has easy to use shape tools to create quick designs and adding text with the type tool. Always keep in mind a safe area for important text and graphics. Generally a 2 inch inset on all sides is a good practice.

3. How to Print Large Custom Flags?

There are many various ways of printing large scale flags. The main factor determining the style of printing is the material of which you are printing on. Typically a large format Full color digital printer is used.

4. Where to Print Large Custom Flags?

Having access to large flag printers has never been easier. Many cities and surrounding areas have local printers that have the capabilities to produce some form of flag printing. For larger sized flags, online sources could be a better bet for your needs. Online sellers will more than likely have access to better manufacturing capabilities. Your cost will also be less in many cases.

5. How Much Is a Custom Large Flag?

Depends on the size, quantity, single or double-sided, and turnaround time, for a oversized flag larger than 100sf, the cost could be anywhere from $300 to several thousands. Please contact us for a quote for flags larger than 1,500 square feet.

6. How to Hang an Oversized Flag?

Depending on your poles, walls or other factors, there are many ways you can hang a large flag. The most popular option would be grommets and reinforced strip, to secured to the flagpoles by tie fasteners or ropes across the grommets. All the grommets around option is also very popular when hanging on a wall or building by zip ties. Pole pockets are also a solid way to hang your flag perfectly, if you have vertical poles you can slide the flag pole pockets into.

7. How to Fold Giant Flags?

The best way to fold your custom large flag is to double-fold the printed side inwards first, then do more rounds of cross double-folding until you can roll or safely package the big flag.

8. Where to Buy Oversized Flags?

If you’re looking for standard designed flags, like a large American Flag, please check local hardware stores or online retailers, normally the price will be more affordable than large customized flags due to the mass production. If you’re looking for big custom flags, look no further, we’re the best choice for thousands of customers!

9. What size is considered a Large Flag?

In general, anything over 3 feet x 5 feet is considered a large flag, and anything over 6 feet x 10 feet is considered oversized.

10. Where can I buy a Huge Flag?

Lush Banners is the best choice for large custom flags. We have no size limitations, the best prices and free shipping on non-rush orders.

11. Can I get a double-sided flag?

Yes, flags smaller than 6 feet x 10 feet work best for double-sided printing. While double-sided flags larger than 6ft x 10ft are available, from our experience they can be too heavy to hang or fly properly.