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Why Buy Fabric Banner Stands from Lush Banners®?

These trendy fabric banner stands, or tension fabric banner stands are the popular alternative to retractable banner stands. The graphics are custom printed using a dye sublimation printing process on the stretch fabric, which slips over the easy-to-install aluminum tube framing that comes in various sizes. Dye sublimation graphics produce vivid full-color graphics. We have high-quality tension fabric banner stands (both premium and economy), SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics), Fabric Banner Stands and Backlit Fabric Banner Stands all in stock for you.

  • Innovative Seamless Graphics, Tools free, Wrinkle-free. Single or Double-Sided.
  • High definition, Vivid Full-color dye-sublimation graphics, Pillowcase or SEG (Silicone Edge Graphics) style.
  • 9oz Premium Tension stretch Fabric, Minimum See-through, Water and Stain Resistant.
  • More Durable and versatile than traditional vinyl banner stands. Standing perfectly all the time by the lightweight aluminum tube framing.
  • Variety of widths and heights to choose from.

Fabric Banner Stands (Double-Sided)

Fabric Banner Standsare the latest trend in stand-alone advertising. Eye-catching double-sided graphic w/quick Installation. 90" Tall, 24", 36", 48" and 60' wide available. 

As low as CAD$273.00
Portable Lightbox Banner Stands
Our Portable Lightbox Banner Stands feature SEG graphics printed to the edge of the frame and evenly illuminated from within. The whole set up process only takes minutes! Seamless and fully modular, several units can be combined and latched together for an expanded display.
Bright LED Backlit Displays (2.5x7.5ft)
Slim 2.5ft (W) x 7.5ft (H) bright LED Backlit Display. Mostly used as bridge or add-on side panels for the major displays, Best pricing on the market.
Brite-Lite Modular Lightbox Display (3x8ft)
Boundless opportunities! Create an exceptional presentation for any professional exhibit with our modular backlit banner stands. This display features adjustable height and offers 4 different size configurations.

Fabric Banner Stands

Fabric Banner Stands Size Chart

Size Chart & Templates

(A10) Fabric Double-Sided (A10-E) Double-Sided Economy
60" W x 90" L
Width options
60" W x 90" L
Width options
24" Artwork Template 24" Artwork Template
36" Artwork Template 36" Artwork Template
48" Artwork Template 48" Artwork Template
60" Artwork Template 60" Artwork Template
Measure your windows or glass door panels at least twice to make sure the sizes are accurate. Please add 1-2 inches of extra room onto the large window decals for installation trimming purposes.


So Many Options For Fabric Banner Stands


Double-Sided Options for Fabric Banner Stands


Our highly rated fabric display stand with a heavy-duty metal plate base and double-sided graphics. This style is valuable for high traffic areas, banks, airports, hotels and shopping centers.

Double-Sided Options for Fabric Banner Stands


Eye-catching printed fabric displays made with durable, high definition dye sublimation printed graphics for trade shows, events, and conferences. These fabric displays also come with Velcro lining backs. These Pop Up Display systems are solid and easy to install, they can be set up in minutes.



LED Lights for Tension Fabric Displays Accessory


Highest quality LED lights for your Tension Fabric Displays. We recommend 2 lights for 5-10ft display, 3 lights for 15ft display, 4-6 lights for 20ft and above. Please double the quantity for any double-sided tension fabric displays.

Easy to Assemble Fabric Banner Stands

How to Assemble Fabric Banner Stands


Modular Lightbox Display Videos

How to Set Up Fabric Banners Stands

How to Assemble SEG/LED Pop up Displays

Brite-Lite Modular Lightbox Display Accessories

How to Assemble Brite-Lite Series Modular Lightbox Displays



Taking Care of Your Retractable Banner Stands

Spot clean with damp cleaning cloth or refer to the specific care instructions of your banner stands.

Care Instructions - Do Not Bleach


Do Not Bleach

Care Instructions - Air Dry


Air Dry

Care Instructions - Wash Cold


Wash Cold

Care Instructions - Hang Dry


Hang Dry

Care Instructions - Do Not Iron


Do Not Iron

Additional Product Info

Common Sizes
24-60 inches wide, 80-90 inches high
Graphic Installation
For pillowcase graphics, place the graphic over the frame and zip up. For silicone edge graphics, press the corners of the graphics silicone beads into the frames
Overall Weight
15 - 75 lbs depending on the models
Print Method
Full color dye sublimation digital printing
Estimated Lifespan
3+ years with proper care and maintenance
Optional Accessories
Spot lights, Replacement LED lights
Print Material
Full color (dye sublimation) digital printing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tension Fabric Backlit Banner Stands Be Used Without LED lights?

Yes! They can be used with or without LED lighting. Without the lights, they are also perfect for everyday indoor display.

Are Fabric Banner Stands Durable?

Yes! On average, Fabric Banner Stands are more durable than retractable banner stands.

What are SEG Graphics?

SEG graphics are the newest innovative way to showcase your tradeshow booth to your awaiting potential clients. SEG is an abbreviation for silicon edge graphics, which means your printed designs will be made all the way to the edge for a seamless look. This is done by sewing the silicon edge around the edges of your printed material allowing for an effortless installation. It also will give your graphics a taut sturdy look on a premium thick fabric. Stop by LushBanners.com and get your order started today!

How do I store these graphics?

After use, store your graphics by folding them in a neat manner in a bag that can hold them. If you ever get your graphics dirty, you can use a non-abrasive damp cloth to spot clean any areas as needed. However, if the mess is too much for hand cleaning, you can always put your graphics in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with cold water only. We recommend allowing the graphics to air dry after washing them. With the dye sublimated graphics, your SEG is going to last you many trade shows to come!

How do I place the fabric into the backlit fabric banner stands frames?

With this newly designed SEG, the graphics are simple to install, using no professional installation. Start by pressing the corners of your graphics silicone beads into the tube frame channeling. We recommended starting by the corners so that when the last edge is installed It will have a seamless appearance.

What are the benefits of SEG?

SEG’s first appeared for trade shows in Europe in 2008, and ever since then they have become a key preference for prospective companies that always have the best booths. This is all from its contemporary modern look, and simple installation. Compared to other forms of booth displays, the SEG allows for a versatile change of graphics for any event and occasion at a low price.

How are Tension Fabrics Printed?

The process we use to create the graphics is called dye sublimated printing which fuses your designs ink onto the fabric for a lasting product. It includes vaporizing the ink so that it will saturate the material on an accurate scale. This is what gives all of our products a vibrant high-resolution look and finish.

Where are Fabric Banner Stands typically used?

Fabric Banner Stands can be used for a variety of applications including purposes for trade shows, retail stores, museums, restaurants, churches, universities, airports and other venues.

How much does a Fabric Banner Stand cost?

We offer several different sizes and styles of Banner Stands. For example, our tension fabric banner stands prices would begin at $179 for a 24in x 90in Economy Retractable Fabric Banner Stands, up to $329 for the 60in x 90in model. We also offer Retractable, Pop Up as well as Outdoor Banner Stands. Pricing information for these products can be found on their respective product pages.

Can I adjust the size of the Tension Fabric Stand's frame?

No, the tension fabric stand frames are built to an exact size to ensure the graphic fits snug and displays wrinkle free graphics.