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8FT Retractable Backdrop (Premium Magnetic) (A14)
8FT Retractable Backdrop (Premium Magnetic)

Popular 8ft Retractable Backdrop for trade show and easy set up environment. Magnetic frame connecter design to expand to 10ft or 20ft by adding 2ft magnetic retractable backdrop side by side. Lifetime Warranty. Free carrying case.


As low as CAD$530.00
Fabric Banner Stands | Tension Fabric Stands
Fabric Banner Stands (Double-Sided)

Fabric Banner Standsare the latest trend in stand-alone advertising. Eye-catching double-sided graphic w/quick Installation. 90" Tall, 24", 36", 48" and 60' wide available. 

As low as CAD$225.00
Retractable Banner Stands (Trade Show)
Retractable Banner Stands (Standard)

A very popular banner stand for trade shows or long term store displays. Easy to set up and transport. Includes 12 month warranty.

As low as CAD$119.00
Silverstep Premium Retractable 36 Inches
Silverstep Retractable (Premium 36 Inches)

The Silverstep Retractable Banner (Premium 36 Inches) is very appealing with a sleek and steady base. 36" wide with 3 popular height 69", 80" and 92". Free silver grey carrying case.

As low as CAD$185.00
Silverstep Retractable Wide (Premium 60 inches)
Silverstep Retractable Backdrop (Premium 60 Inches)

The widest Silverstep Retractable Wide Banner (Premium 60 Inches) hightlight itself by the extra 60' wide graphic. 3 popular height 69", 80" and 92". Double supporting pole. Free silver grey carrying case.

As low as CAD$295.00
 [A13] Silverstep Retractable Wide (Premium 48 Inches)
Silverstep Retractable Wide (Premium 48 Inches)

The Silverstep Retractable Wide Banner (Premium 48 Inches) gain the edges by a wide diaplay banner with a sleek silverstep base. 48" wide with 3 popular height 69", 80" and 92". Free silver grey carrying case

As low as CAD$255.00
Retractable Banner Stand Premium with light
Retractable Banner Stand (Premium)

A heavier and steadier frame with popular silver jet steam line design on the base.

As low as CAD$199.00
Retractable Flex
Retractable (Graphic Interchangeable Flex)

Best Seller! Easy graphic changeout. Height adjustable from 30-94.5 inches. Premium quality frame with lifetime warranty.

As low as CAD$209.00
Retractable (Graphic Interchangeable Flex Premium)
Retractable (Graphic Interchangeable Flex Premium)

Simply the highest quality retractable banner stand on the market. Large display with free artwork on base.

As low as CAD$239.00
Retractable (Graphic Interchangeable Flex Double)
Retractable (Graphic Interchangeable Flex Double)

Double-sided retractable banner stand. Graphic Interchangeable. Best quality on the market!

As low as CAD$339.00
Retractable Banner Stands (Double Sided Standard)
Retractable Banner Stands (Double Sided Standard)

Double-sided retractable banner stand with one banner on each side.

As low as CAD$249.00
Retractable LED Light
Banner Stands LED Spot Light

Highest quality LED spot light for retactable banner stands.

7ft pop up banner
8ft Pop Up Banner Stand

This 8Ft Popup Display is very easy to install with top-quality graphics. Extend your artwork all the way to the endcaps!

As low as CAD$265.00
10ft pop up banner
10ft Pop Up Banner Stand

Best seller! This easy to install pop up display can be set up in a matter of minutes with an easy travel bag!

As low as CAD$365.00
Logo Rescue Service
Logo Rescue Service

Issues with your logo not being clear enough? Blurry image? No worries, let's rescue it!



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