Multiple Address & Global Shipping

Multiple Address & Global Shipping



Can I ship items in the same order to multiple addresses?

If you order two or more different items, you can choose separate shipping addresses for each with additional shipping & handling fees. 
In order to do that, please
Step 1)  Place an order online

Step 2) Specify the shipping addresses by filling out the form as below. ​

Step 3) Our customer representative will contact you by phone or email with a competitive price of additional shipping & handling fees


Our added value service includes,

- Prepare shipping documents

- Custom shipping labeling

- Direct ship to your final destination

- Worldwide shipping service as quick as 48 hours delivery

- Prepaid import custom duty if shipping overseas

- And most important, BEST PRICE is GUARANTEED!




To receive a quick shipping quote, please fill up this form as below. Our customer representative will contact you in 24 hours!


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