Custom Counter/Podium

Custom Counter/Podium

100% customized counters, many shapes and designs to choose. Best for trade show booth and stands.

Custom Counter - Oval
Tension Fabric and Tube Counter - Oval

Wooden tabletop, Elegant Style w/Curved Profile, Free canvas carrying bag. 

As low as CAD$389.00
Custom Counter - Curve
Tension Fabric Podium Counter - Curve

Premium quality, Acrylic tabletopStable and durable. Free carrying bag. 

As low as CAD$499.00
Custom Podium - Straight
Tension Fabric Podium Counter - Straight

Premium quality, Stable and durable, Acrylic tabletop, Free carrying bag. 

As low as CAD$425.00
Logo Rescue Service
Logo Rescue Service

Issues with your logo not being clear enough? Blurry image? No worries, let's rescue it!



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