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17ft Feather Banners

Banner Size: 185h x 36w inches
Poles: Heavy Duty Fiberglass or Aluminum
Fabric: Premium Outdoor Polyester
Printing: Full color digital printing
Inks: Water & UV proof inks
Base: Chrome steel
Warranty-Hardware: Limited Lifetime
Warranty-Banner: 12 Months
Packaging Size: 60 x 8.5 x 5 Inches
Weight: 8 Ibs
Qty Price (per unit)
1 - 2 CAD$419.00
3 - 5 CAD$409.00
6 - 10 CAD$393.00
11 - 20 CAD$379.00
21 - 40 CAD$369.00
41 - 60 CAD$353.00
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Package Includes:
- Aviation grade fiberglass poles 
- Fabric flag
- Full color, high-resolution digital printing
- Free spike base
- Free padded carrying bag 

Product Features:
- Aviation grade fiberglass poles with limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
- Heavy duty steel base with premium ball bearing 
- Full color, high-resolution digital printing, waterproof and UV safe
- Premium polyester fabric, wrinkle-free

17ft feather flags are large enough to grab a lot of attention! Great for promotion along highways, high traffic streets and sports fields.
- Large banners perfect for outdoor display.

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Three simple ways: 
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3) Graphic Design Service. 
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17ft UV Feather Banners
A banner is a long strip of cloth that bears a design. Banners have been historically used to create awareness of everything from countries to products for thousands of years. Today, banners grab people's attention and tell them that a product is worth looking into. 
How Do Banners Grab People's Attention? 
The greatest thing about these well-made banners is that they immediately stand out. A banner hanging on a building is going to draw the eye straight to it. This is especially true if it's a vivid color. Compare this to most paper and print advertising. A lot of people will see your advertisement, but how many people will take notice? The most important thing about advertising is about grabbing the right audience's attention. Your product needs to get the full awareness of the customer that is looking to buy it. Consider all of the street traffic that happens, and what people see on a busy street. Those people see countless advertisements on trucks and taxis. A street banner will stand out from the rest though due to its natural movement. As a banner waves in the wind, it attracts the eye without the customer's permission. They are forced to take notice of the banner and the product being sold. 
The Benefits of Single Sided Feather Banners 
Single sided feather banners work great to grab people's attention because of this movement factor. These single sided feather banners can be custom printed to the customer's specifications. Lush Banners can custom print feather flags with no minimum order requirement. These feather flags are fantastic for drawing crowds of people toward your product. Banner stands can be added to help the banner stand on its own. Banner stands can help you to promote a booth or kiosk in a busy area with relative ease. These single sided feather banners in conjunction with the banner stands work wonderfully to transport your brand's awareness wherever you go. 
Are 17ft Feather Flags Good For Promoting Your Product? 
17ft Feather Flags are very large banners that can grab a lot of attention with a very small investment. One of the biggest benefits to these 17ft Feather Flags is that they're not disposable. If you buy a newspaper ad, for example, that ad appears once. 17ft Feather advertising Flags are a relatively powerful investment in comparison. These feather flags can be carried anywhere and reused until they become worn out. Feather flags often last for years before showing signs of wear. Using these flags in conjunction with the banner stands is an easy, cost-effective way to promote your product for many years to come. You could think of this sort of advertising as an investment, as the attention they grab will pay off for many years to come with very little maintenance on the part of the business. 
Banner Quality 
These signs typically are full color printed. The graphical quality is part of what creates the draw toward them. High-quality banners with vivid colors and images that represent what you're promoting work best. When you shop with Lush Banners, you're buying direct. Our staff has the knowledge to create banners that accurately represent what you're trying to portray for your company. These banners are best for outdoor use. They take on a life of their own when seen waving in the wind. They're also great for outdoor events. A food stand is one business that would definitely benefit a lot from a banner. Small businesses get their niche audience by creating awareness locally. Franchises of larger companies can benefit equally in their targeted area if they draw in the right crowd of people. Contact a representative to find out more information. 
[Attention] This banner is NOT designed to be used in winds exceeding 35 mph. Doing so may cause damage to the unit.

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